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re: Adobe Flash Player for Pantech Crossover (P8000)


re: Adobe Flash Player for Pantech Crossover (P8000)

I'm wondering if anybody besides me has experienced little or no support from AT&T on this phone? I have tried contacting customer support for the applications loaded on this phone originally as I need to update Flashplayer as I am unable to visit several websites that require Flashplayer.  The response from Pantech was that I need to download the latest from Android market - but one major problem, Android market reports the latest version is *NOT* compatible with this phone.  Granted, this is more than I have gotten from AT&T which is basically NIL/NADA.  I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS - ANYTHING HAS TO BE BETTER THAN WHAT I HAVE RECEIVED THUS FAR.

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Re: re: Adobe Flash Player for Pantech Crossover (P8000)

The Pantech Crossover has been dropped by AT&T. Since it's stuck on Android 2.2, and the community behind it is limited, there's no way to get to Android 2.3 (which is required for the latest version of Flash). So, you'll never be able to upgrade Flash without buying a new phone that already has Android 2.3 or 4.0 on it.


If it's any consolation, the Pantech is also too slow for most Flash sites - so even if you could run them, it would be slow and frustrating at best.

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