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"Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4


"Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4


Android 6.0, Kernel version 3.10.84



I do not use the stock email app (version 6.67.19) on my phone. The stock email app appears to be disabled (it is grayed out under Settings / Apps / Email), but it keeps generating the message, "Unfortunately Email has stopped". I have tried to "Force Stop" and clear data and cache, reboot my phone, etc. with no luck in ending the occurrence of this message.


Also, when I try to add an account to this email (Accounts / Add Account / Email), the I again get the "Unfortunately, Email has stopped message". Since I cannot delete this stock email app, what can I do to be rid of this bothersome, interfering pop-up message!? The pop-up interferes with other activity on my phone (including answering calls!) Please let me know my options for resolving this issue.


Research today tells me this might be related to the Android System WebView app. I have, in various attempts, deleted the app, returned to the “factory version” of this app, disabled it, etc. … but the phone keeps generating the same error.


Part of me thinks if I could just update the stock email (or reinstall just that app), this might resolve the issue… but it could still be related to Android System WebView. Who knows! I’m looking for possible solutions. Thanks in advance for your help!



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‎07-14-2016 8:04 PM

Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

Hi @24813145jyg!


Thank you for visiting the AT&T Community Forums, we are glad to help out! I am sorry that you are having an issue with your LG G4 email application. If the stock email application is not being used and is disabled, I’m surprised that you would be getting that message. The things that you have tried to remedy that issue have all been good ideas. Stock applications are proprietary and any updates would have to come from the manufacturer over the air. Those updates are system updates that are normally sent to fix specific known issues.


The last thing to try which should resolve the issue is a factory reset. Before resetting the device. I suggest that you back the phone up to avoid losing important data. For more details on backup methods, please click here. After you get your phone all backed, you are ready to do the master reset. For step by step instructions on resetting your device, please click here.


I hope this helps you out. If you have any other questions, feel free to stop and ask. You are part of the AT&T community and we are here to support you!


Darryl, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

There is definitely a problem with the latest update AT&T pushed out to the G4.  Both my wife and I updated our G4's with the latest updated yesterday (8/4/2016) and now we are getting "Unfortunately, Email has stopped."  This happens randomly and often, no matter what we are using on the phone.  VERY FRUSTRATING.  Neither of us even use the stock email app.  I've tried force stopping the Email app, clearing data, clearing cache and nothing works.  I've read where others have tried the factory reset but that does not help either.  Please look into this issue, it is a major disruption of the the user experience for this phone.

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Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

Hi There.  I got pushed an Android update over the weekend and have the very same problem.  If I try to access email I get the message "Unfortunately, Email has stopped".  This is truly insane. Basic capabilities just not working.  What did you do to fix the problem.  Any suggestions welcome please?

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Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

Same issue since pushed update on 10/3/16. Looking for solutions.
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Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

What is the real solution? Because the original post stated that they tried the factory reset and that DID NOT work. This problem is incredibly annoying.
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Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

Once I cleared the cache, I stopped receiving the messages. To keep it from returning, I stopped using the built-in email program, and started using Microsoft's Outlook.
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Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

Transfer different email accounts, Yahoo, Live etc into Gmail and see if that works.

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Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

How do you get the Marshmallow update I wasn't able to get it on my phone?

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Re: "Unfortunately Email has stopped." on LG G4

I can't get the Marshmallow update on my LG G4 phone, because I need an additional update, which I haven't received.

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