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i'm confused, mog radio playing offline?


i'm confused, mog radio playing offline?

mog radio isnt supposed to work without data or wifi, not the same thing as offline songs.  how could this happen?  was playing offline songs and later noticed it had switched to mog radio.  I double checked my data was off and I dont pickup wifi from my home location.

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Re: i'm confused, mog radio playing offline?

Hi Little Birdy,


MOG raido also acts as a Media Player as well. If you're asking about if it "switched" to a radio station it could be trying to find more music around it, or your launcher is set to auto launch MOG.

MOG Radio is being discontinued for Beats Music, which has laucnhed last week and the "radio" aspect will not work after April 15th, 2014. You can refer to the Beats Music website for more information about the MOG shutdown.



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Re: i'm confused, mog radio playing offline?

I dont have any way to make it NOT autolaunch, but this behavior is new.  it must be able to TURN ON MY DATA without my permission and without showing me that data is even on. 


I know about Beats and am sad they are changing the best music plan available on the internet. I will wait til the cutoff time and hope they will reconsider not fixing whats not broken, as far as features go, or I'll be shopping around to make sure I buy the next-best thing, if I buy anything at all.


MOG radio is fun, it was playing almost exclusively songs i had marked as favorites, and you see, I only realized it had to have gone online when I heard some items I knew I couldnt have downloaded for offline use.  


even if MOG was only available online it would be worth the $10/month.

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