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htc one x memory and chip


htc one x memory and chip

I dontknow why did at&t choose htc one x for at&t with low memory and chip like that...its awful...and the fw4.1.1 for at&t have alot of problem and I wondering if at&t release another one
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Re: htc one x memory and chip

I'm sorry you're having trouble with your phone. 


What's happening?


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Re: htc one x memory and chip

my phone is always crashed, the touch screen cant be sleep and the navigation is crashed too! it makes me crazy! how can i fix it! in another hand, Memory for use too low it makes my phone slow when i using some apps like viber or skype it automatic turn off!Smiley Mad


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Re: htc one x memory and chip

I've also noticed that after the 4.1.1 jelly bean update that the memory at idle on the device is running at 890MB / 1GB as to the 4.0.2 ICS update ran at 380MB / 1GB at idle after reboot or stopping all tasks. I am curious as to why the new update is consuming so many rescources. I even tried a factory reset after the OTA update and it is still running at the same high memory level. Also am noticing 3.89GB stored in "Other" under app storage as well that I can not find or delete to free up space out of the 6.07GB total space allowed.

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Re: htc one x memory and chip

Its the software, not the hardware.  Folks have had problems with Navigation on Jellybean (I do not have this problem); as well as random reboots (I had these for a while, but not anymore).  As for crashing and the touchscreen not working, I've never had those problems, and don't see that mentioned much for the One X (and I'm very active on other online communities for this phone).  If you haven't already, consider backing up your personal data and doing a factory reset, as this may remedy random bugs caused by the JB update.


The Snapdragon S4 is by most opinions the superior chipset, versus the Tegra3 chipset used in the "international" version of the One X.  Tegra3 is known to be far more buggy.  As for 1 GB of RAM, more is always better.  But 1 GB is very workable for phones in most situations.  But its Sense that is the RAM hog here.  But I suppose you can chase yourself in circles debating whether the software is too much of a memory hog for the amount of RAM; or whether the RAM is not enough for the software.

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Re: htc one x memory and chip

Personally I am not having any issues with the phone after the update, no crashes, Navigation works fine, no random reboots. The only thing that was strange was the numbers for thr amount of RAM being used didn't match up in task manager nor under settings->apps->running tab. Under the settings->apps->running tab it says 498/777MB but there is only a total of 195.2MB actually being used by software. I'm guessing it is not showing what the OS itself is using.


Settings->Apps->Running 498MB/777MB

Settings 65MB

HTC Sense 87MB

Google Services 12MB

Media 9.2MB

HTC Sense Input 22MB



Task Manager says 795MB/1.0GB

Internet 52MB

Android Core Apps 9.7MB

Google Search 9.1MB

Google Partner Setup 3.5MB



So in both instances neither apparently displays what is using all of the RAM or they are not showing the correct amount. Was just curious and slightly puzzled on what is not being shown and what is eating it all up.

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Re: htc one x memory and chip

Yes, OS takes up a chunk of RAM.  This of course won't show up as an app (since its not an app), and apparently not as a task either.


People spend too much time worrying about RAM, and how much is available.  Aside from apps having to reload too frequently (when you haven't had them idle that long) having free RAM doesn't do much for the device.  It doesn't increase battery life, and usually doesn't make the device perform any better.

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