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galaxy s4


galaxy s4

Soooo I upgraded early and went from gs3 to gs4... only to have the crap not work. Yesterday I spent 700 on purchasing an iPhone 5 for my daughter and this gs4 crap that the "new" features aren't "featuring". Then head back to the store where I bought it, only for them to spend 30 mins doing the same crap I did before bringing it back. I tried to explain that I tried allll possibilities and to no avail. . Like how long before u admit I got a defective phone. So then they hit me with. Well we can swap u a new one, however its out of stick and we'll give u call once we receive new ones! Like really.. I could've kept my money and my s3 for this nonsense! Uggghhhhhh
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Re: galaxy s4

It happens unfortunately. I too have the S4 but it is performing splendidly thus far!

You have to roll with it and let them do their thing to confirm a defective unit. Since you're obviously here just to complain so far, by posting no actionable information, if you are looking for some sort of support our advice please give us very specific details of exactly what is not working.
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Re: galaxy s4

Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, this afternoon they eventually (after goin to the store everyday and have them "play" with it) deemed it defective, and swapped it out, giving me a new device. Which by the way seems to be working great, so far. What a big difference. .. like night and day. Lol and NOW, I can say... I'm loving my phone! #KeepingFingersCrossed
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