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can't send sms messages in my Motorola Atrix HD


can't send sms messages in my Motorola Atrix HD

recently i buy a Motorola Atrix HD phone, i was using an iphone 4S before, both phone use the microsim card, i inserted in my new Atrix HD and try to send a text messages at the first days and it run fantastic, now after one week of use when i try to send a text message always said  "message cant be send" i verify the apn and are the same as my friend Atrix HD apn that are a PTA apn,anybody or somebody in att that can help me? is this a problem with the sim card? any help?

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Re: can't send sms messages in my Motorola Atrix HD

You need to have LTE on your account for the PTA APN to work.  If you just swapped the MicroSIM from your iPhone without contacting AT&T, your account is now not properly provisioned for the APN you are trying to use.  Call AT&T or go into a AT&T store, and they can fix your account no problem.

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Re: can't send sms messages in my Motorola Atrix HD

I have this problem too and it's random and it also will show no network randomly too.  I called to cancel service, was talked into staying with lots of goodies and new phones.  Got 2 Samsung Exhilerates that had these issues and worse.  Did factory resets, all sorts of stuff and received replacement phones (refurbished replacements for the new phones I just paid for) and they did the same thing.  They refused to replace the phones with something else and did early upgrades.  My daughter got the I4 and I got the Atrix HD.  She no longer has the problem but I do.  AND I could take my old sim card out of the Exhilerate and put it into a different phone and not have those problems.  So, I've called and spend more hours on the phone to be told I needed a new sim card which they mailed.  I got it and it was the wrong size.  So went to a store and got a new one but still have the problem.  Since it's random, but still occurs every day, they can't really test it.  So last night they say I can swap out phones but today is day 14, the last day to do so and I will have to go to a store to do so.  So I call the store and they say they will swap for a new one or what ever I want, but if I still have the same problem, I only get 1 swap and the 14 days do Not start over.  So I will then be stuck with this like I got stuck w/ the other 2 new phones I paid for that don't work.  I think it is something in the programing on the ATT end.  If anyone nows how to fix this, I'd greatly appreciate it as I'm very frustrated.  No one else in my home is having this problem and we have 5 ATT phones.

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