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best manufacturer for updates


best manufacturer for updates

I currently use a Galaxy s2 and have been overall mostly happy with the phone. I'm due for an upgrade and hoping to snag a deal next week. I was originally leaning toward the s4 but some of the newer crop of phones seem to have caught my eye. The G2, Moto x and the HTC one all look great but I'm wondering who out of the group (LG, Motorola, HTC, Samsung) has the best update history. Samsung/ATT did an ok job with the s2 I think but I know others weren't so lucky. I plan on keeping my phone for 2 years and would like one that will mostly be updated for that time. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Re: best manufacturer for updates

Nexus 5, no doubt!! And you can still use ATT for carrier, but Google will update first!!

Unlocked, no bloat, first to get Android updates always!!!!!!!!!

I know my next phone is going to a Nexus, I have a year to go with my S4.


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Re: best manufacturer for updates

I second the Nexus 5 recommendation.  But, if you are looking to stay with carrier subsidized phones, the Moto X may be one to consider as well, since Google now owns Motorola Mobility.

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Re: best manufacturer for updates

I'll also agree that if updates are a primary concern, the Nexus line is always going to win in that category.  Although I've never been a fan of LG devices, the Nexus 5 looks like a very solid device.


I love HTC devices.  I've owned 4 different HTC phones (since back to Window Mobile days) and 1 tablet.  They make the best phone hardware around, hands down.  But they are far from the best with updates.  Updates seem to be coming in a somewhat timely fashion for the current "flagship" device.  But after a device is a year or so old, they drag their feet with updates.  And its not long before updates slow to a trickle, or stop altogether.  The One X is barely a year and a half old, and its still waiting for the update to Android 4.2, and most One X owners are betting that this will be the last major update for the device.


Its the sad reality that HTC is struggling financially.  And support of older devices is going to take a backseat in priority to supporting newer devices, or developing the next one.



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Re: best manufacturer for updates

Thanks for the info. I should have put in my original post that a Nexus would be fantastic but I can't justify more than $200 for a device and I understand being contract free however with my current plan I just break the $50 mark per line so being able to shop around is little value to me at this point. I really was hoping that At&t would get a subsidized Nexus as Sprint did but that doesn't seem to be in the cards. I guess bottom line is I care about updates but not enough to justify the cost of a nexus despite the good value that phone seems to be. I appreciate the input though. 

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