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auto correct

I actually want to turn auto-correct ON.


I got a Samsung Galaxy SIII, and when I first got it, I feel like it auto-corrected my typing. When I was busy exploring my phone and setting it up the way I wanted it, I think I messed with some setting that I shouldn't have, and a few features on my phone were being screwy.


So, being the genius that I am <sarcasm font>, I chose to "factory reset" my phone. But now I feel like the auto-correct doesn't work. I've tried to mess with the keyboard settings, but I can't seem to get it to automatically correct my typing.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: auto correct

My suggestion, use this keyboard instead of the stock one...the auto correct is ON POINT and is much better than the stock can also add themes to it, and its FREE! They have a paid version but its definitely worth buying, but try the free one

Swiftkey Keyboard
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Re: auto correct

Rather than being referred to download a 3rd party app, how about an answer on whether autocorrect is even possible on the stock Samsung Galaxy SIII?


I would love to turn on autocorrect also like it was on my S1.

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