Z998 annoying notifications


Z998 annoying notifications

Z998  I hate this phone.  It won’t shut up.  It is always sounding off with meaningless notifications.  I have tried everything I know to turn them off.  AT&T stores are of no help.  If I have an incoming call, or if I have a text message or the alarm clock goes off, I what it to let me know.  Weather alerts are OK.  I don’t want a notification for any other reason. Not for Email, face book, updates, WIFI or whatever.

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Re: Z998 annoying notifications

You have to go to the individual app (email, Facebook, etc.) and turn off notifications for that particular app.  AT&T store reps should know this, if they don't they don't know the basic functions of their job.


Facebook in particular is annoying, since every time it updates it will default back to giving you notifications.  Blame Facebook for this, and not AT&T or the phone manufacturer.


For OS updates, there isn't an easy way to disable notifications, for the reason that OS updates contain important security updates (in addition to other updates); so they want to make sure you know about the update.  But if you get a handle on the other notifications, this one should be a minor and infrequent occurance.  

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