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Will Lg G2 get 4.4.3 Update

Will Lg G2 get 4.4.3 Update

Will Lg G2 receive the new 4.4.3 update?? The last update totally messed up my phone. Now I don't know if my phone is defective or if it is the update. I am 99% sure it's this 4.4.2 update because numerous people have been complaining about it. Will there be an update to fix this or am I forced to switch to another phone??? Please help.

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Re: Will Lg G2 get 4.4.3 Update

Hi patriceskyner, 


The 4.4.2 Software update for the LG G2 (D800) was just started to be pushed out to end users on 6/10/2014. This is an update to 4.4.2 and adds a few additional features and might help solve any issues that you may have.  This will come though the software updater on the device. Make sure that you have an active AT&T SIM in your G2 as well as have the correct IMEI on your account. 


Usually it can take up to 2 weeks for the software update to reach all of our customers as the updates are pushed out by IMEI to ensure everyone has the fastest possibe downloading experience. 


You can check for the software update yourself by going to Settings - General - About Phone - Software Update - Update Now. 


Hope this helps!

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Re: Will Lg G2 get 4.4.3 Update

I can't help but notice that this young lady's question wasn't actually answered.

Here's my question: Are y'all gonna finally add the G2 software features that the rest of the world gets on their LG G2 variants?

Features that the AT&T variant that are missing-in-action:

1 - "auto hide front touch buttons" option
2 - "themes" have been disabled
3 - "voice recorder" app had been hidden for standard usage

Features that were missing and finally added recently (6 months into the life of the phone):

1 - group messaging
2 - knock code support

Why does AT&T remove or opt not to include such great features that would cause their devices to stand out above variants on other carriers. You all already have the best service (where I live anyway) and yet y'all ruin it by limiting the end user's features. More than one other variant has these features so it can't be blamed on a specific carrier modifying the software. These are all standard LG G2 features provided by the manufacturer that are being omitted or opted out.

Do y'all plan to add any of the missing features in the next update? And please tell me there is another update coming because we never got the chance to fully enjoy this device to its maximum potential because of AT&T holding back on us for one reason or another.
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