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When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?


When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

It's a pretty simple question, when will  AT&T offer the Galaxy S5 32GB?  I know last year the Galaxy S4 32GB came out about 17-20 days after the Galaxy S4 16GB launched, but last year the price for a 32GB Galaxy S4 was announced and so far this year nothing.


For those who feel 16GB is sufficient, that's great.  For those who feel having a 128GB microSD card slot is sufficient, also great.  But what you cannot do is move app/app data to the microSD card so for those who want and in fact must have a 32GB device (actually about 23-25GB of usable space compared to 10.7GB of usable space) it's a necessity.


Can anyone shed some light on this?

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

I'm with you entirely,  I've asked numerous times and they've been vague and down right rude.  I pay alot of money, the phone exists and they offered it last year so I don't see the problem.  I won't even pay my bill at this point if this isn't resolved by the end of the month I'll go elsewhere. 

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

oh ya, I've seen Verizon White 32gbs - so nice to know they're out there. Same with Tmobile and sprint, They're out there, I've only seen a few and maybe they were like mix ups and not suppose to get them because they're that few.
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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

Where have you see Verizon 3GB GS5's?  I haven't seen any yet and so far it seems both Samsung and the US carriers are only focusing on 32GB at launch, well at least T-Mobile is offering a 32GB version.

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

It will be out in about a month.
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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

Did you check the bands in the tmo version. I can't see Samsung making more than one north american s5. Just locking the bands maybe.
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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

i am so glad you posted this because i am waiting for this phone to be out in 32gb model as well.





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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

I was suckered by ATT in getting the 16GB GS4 last year after they kept their mouths shut that the 32GB version was going to come out less than 2 week after the launch.  Not this year.  I am now struggling to keep 750MB free on my phone and I can't update some apps because I don't have enough device memory.


So, I wait until the GS5 32GB comes out before moving on.  They know - they just don't want to impact 16GB sales.


It's annoying this game these carriers play.  I haven't seen any GS5 32GB out there from any US carrier yet.

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

I am of the opinion that it is Samsung who is milking the 16GB sales before releasing the 32GB. Otherwise, one or more of the carriers would have it for sale in the US to get the jump on AT&T and Verizon. Why announce the 32GB variant and then not supply US providers with it? It's one of the few things that Apple does right in their marketing and release process--what they announce is available at initial release.
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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

At the same time, even if Samsung is responsible--and, they probably are--AT&T and Verizon alone have enough clout to pressure them into getting the 32GB variant to market.

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

Sure they have purchasing power, but Verizon stopped carrying the 32GB Galaxy S devices in the store and sells them online only, claming lack of sales. No doubt that is true but its due to the inept sales people they have working there and at other carriers.  Telling customers you don't need the space you have a microSD card.  WRONG.  You cannot move app data to the SD card like you used to and so the little bit you can move actually starts to experience issues so its not recommeneded to begin with.


Its really simple offer the 32GB online for the first month then in store so you can manage inventory seems logical enough.  Apple does offer all storage capacities and colors at launch and yet Samsung milks it to the ends of the earth and so does HTC these days.


Offer what the consumer wants and sell it to them, seems logical.  I will be returning my Note 3 and going back to Verizon and camping my phone on a pre-paid # until one of the carriers offers a GS5 32GB or something better arrives.  I cant be bothered with wasting money, time and effort trying to MAKE a phone meet my needs when it doesn't.  GS4 32GB is ok, but it was slow and sliggish compared to my Note 3 so it went back and I got a Note 3 again.  Note 3 is really just too bulky at times so I am giving up and waiting.


My bet is AT&T will offer one, likely in the next month, last year they offered the GS4 3GB about 3 weeks after the 16GB version started shipping so I was optimistic it would arrive "soon" but soon is not soon enough for me so back to the AT&T store tomorrow, return my phone and cancel my Next plan and wait.  Sad I actually like AT&T's service I just don't like being jerked around.

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

Verizon has no 32GB Galaxy S5 available, yet.  White or otherwise. No US carrier has anything except the 16 GB and that puts the blame on Samsung--announcing the 32, but hustling their customers and refusing to provide any answers.

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

I think you're right about Samsung not wanting to impact 16GB sales--but, why should the 32 have ANY impact except to include many of us who will not purchase a 16GB device?  The cost differential will naturally separate those who demand each level of memory capacity.  Doesn't make any marketing sense whatsoever.

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

I agree completely but Samsung is a total mystery as to their logic.  They launched in 150 countries at the same time, so for them a 32GB may not be a priority to mfg and ship while they meet initial demands.  There was also the fire at one of their mfg plants that makes the GS5 which didn't help matters.


Still they announced it was a storage option and they don't bother to offer it for sales in any markets that I can find.  I looked at overseas locatoins and carrier websites in UK, Ireland, and elsewhere with nothing mentioned.  I mean HTC M8 is sold at a 16GB device in Ireleand can you imagine.


One thing I have noticed is no one from AT&T actually seems interested in posting here and trying to help, which I find odd.  Their store employees are very helpful and even agree the lack of a 32GB S5 is an issue.  They do sell what the customer asks for but if the 32GB available customers would be ASKING for it.

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Re: When will the Galaxy S5 32GB be available?

Hey guys how's it going? I just spoke to a chat support person from Samsung and they had this to say.In the questionnare prior to this it was made clear that I was an AT&T customer. Can't wait!GS5 News.jpg

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