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What new Galaxy S2 OTA Update?


What new Galaxy S2 OTA Update?

This morning I'm getting prompted to connect my phone to wi-fi so an over-the-air update can be installed.  Does anybody know what that is?

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Re: What new Galaxy S2 OTA Update? - Phone shutting down ? (I777UCLK3)

Nix-Fone wrote:
I am under the 1 year warranty until April. I actually called back and asked for a supervisor but got the same run-around. I see no reason to get a refurbished phone with the same software level and have the same issue. I begged them to look at the forums and see how many people are having this problem.

But they don't care. That's the problem. And unfortunately if you are out of 1 year warranty, you are totally on your own. Maybe we should file a case against them, i am sure we wil get lot more folks. Do you think we can do that ?

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