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Voicemail service not available


Voicemail service not available

Phone:  HTC A9


When accessing voicemail I get the "Service Not Available" message.  It has been this way for the last 5 days ...

This is the first time this has happened in the last 4 years.


Thank you ...

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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available.

Fyi I have done all the troubleshooting suggested.  

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Re: Why do I get service unavailable on my voicemail

After much aggravation, att has finally posted that it is a system problem. I would like to take credit but that might be egotistical. 

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Re: Voicemail service not available



I have been a customer of AT&T beginning 2004,having previously been with Cingular 10 years, pre AT&T's acquisition since 1994.  I have never experienced this level of service in those 25 years.  It is absurd that AT&T is not publicly acknowledging the voice mail issue nor providing publicly accessible updates. 


Voice mail may be left by callers, but as of today, Oct 9,  I have not been able to access these messages for 9 days now.  My wife is now experiencing the same issue.  I have received no text, no email nor any messages on my online account from AT&T notifying me of the problem, advising me of any actions to rectify the problem, nor any apologies.  AT&T certainly has these forms of communication available.  The only thing I receive from AT&T are notices that I am eligible for an upgrade.


"Sorry, the Service you have requested is not available. Please try again later.  Good bye".  This is message is wholly unacceptable. AT&T should be providing update messages instead.  Further, callers leaving voice mails should be informed of the issue when dialing an affected number, in order to avoid leaving voice mails which are unresponded.   Further, when calling technical support, they are not even aware of the issue.  This is really poor and sloppy internal communication.  It does not speak well of your head of tech or customer support, both of who should be fired.


As of today, I am unlocking my two Samsung S9s and moving over to Spectrum/Verizon.  I have had enough of AT&T's poor customer engagement.


Mark Cook

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Re: Voice mail Service Unavailable

Hello @xieguahu,


We'd be more than happy to take a closer look into why you're unable to access your voicemail. We'll need some more details in order for us to better assist you. What kind of cell phone are you using? Are you referring to Visual Voicemail, or Basic Voicemail? What happens exactly when you try to access your voicemail? Please let us know. In the meantime, we recommend following the steps at this link to Troubleshoot your voicemail. Let us know if this helps.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Voicemail service not available

++++the response below came to me..worth sharing
Topic Voicemail service not available
Author nuvision1001
Date 10-01-2019 5:15 AM

Hello Community,

I apologize for the delay in responding to this thread. We’re aware that
some customers may be having difficulty retrieving their voicemail due to a
vendor server problem. We’re in contact with the vendor as they work to fix
it and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Re: Voicemail service not available

Yep if they aren't going to fix it or provide compensation we should all leave ATT.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I have an S9 and as of today started having issues with the voicemail.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

So what are yall going to do to make us happy? Making us deal with customer
loyalty for over an hour just for $20 or $25 is not acceptable. It is a
slap in the face to say our time is only with $1-2 an hour!
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Re: Voicemail service not available

OK, you've blamed a vendor.  That's easy. But we don't pay our money to a vendor. We pay it to AT&T.  When is AT&T going to fix our voice mail ?

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I have filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau.  I would suggest you all do the same. 

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Re: Why do I get service unavailable on my voicemail

me too


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Re: Voicemail service not available

This is so ridiculous! It's been 9 or 10 days since my voicemail worked. Tried to move to another carrier but found out that my Samsung Galaxy 8 Active (which I purchased from AT&T) although unlocked won't work on any of the major wireless carriers. Would have to buy a new phone. So if I want voicemail (which according to the AT&T customer service rep "is just a feature and not imperative to using the phone"), I need to buy a new phone. Appalling customer service. 

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I have a new S6 active and it started doing this yesterday morning. 


I guess it's a solved unsolved waiting game now?

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Re: Voicemail service not available

My voicemail service has not been available for the past 8 days.  Customer service has not helped.  WHY is this taking so long to resolve?

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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available

Same issue, powered down, waited and still nothing. Been over a week. Sonim XP8 

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