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Re: Voicemail service not available


Voicemail service not available

Phone:  HTC A9


When accessing voicemail I get the "Service Not Available" message.  It has been this way for the last 5 days ...

This is the first time this has happened in the last 4 years.


Thank you ...

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Re: Voicemail service not available

This problem just bit me a few hours ago.  My voicemail number is [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.], which is Charlotte, NC.  The voicemail number for my other two phones is a 704 number, also Charlotte, NC, but their voicemail is still working.  It would really be nice if an AT&T tech would post to this thread with an update on what is being done to resolve this problem.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Me too and it making me mad. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  They have no real answers either.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I had my first voicemail in a while yesterday and experienced this issue.  I experienced again this morning with a new voicemail.  I restarted my phone, which did not fix the problem.


However, I was able to get through to VM after doing these steps: 

  • I turned on airplane mode for a good 30 seconds (possibly 45 seconds).
  • I attempted to call VM without disabling airplane mode; my phone prompted me to disable and I did so with the pop-up dialogue.  
  • When the VM prompted me for my pin, I waited a few seconds and slowly entered; I did not press # after like I usually do.
  • I was able to navigate VM as usual at this point.  

I don't know what (if any of the above) contributed to success here, or if it was a fluke that I was able to actually get through, but sharing in case anyone else wants a few additional tricks to try.  


I am on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; I am not using Visual Voicemail.  

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Re: Voicemail service not available

It's a Georgia problem too

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I called about this issue today and the person acted like it was some problem with my phone or password. So apparently they aren't sharing the info internally. 

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I contacted AT&T because my voicemail hasn't been working for over a week now and the representative hung up on me! I am a single mother that works full time despite my numerous health issues. So, voicemail is a literal necessity (especially with my memory issues). I, like most others I'm sure, am a loyal customer and the fact that they are doing me and others this way is unacceptable...especially with my cell phone bill being over $100 a month. I may just switch back to Boost Mobile and their $50 plan. I reside in Sevier County in East TN. The representative I spoke with that hung up on me had the nerve to try and lie about the affected areas. I suggest everyone else switch carriers also.

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Voicemail Outage

I have been unable to access my voicemail now for almost a week.  I did the online chat yesterday and was informed that there was an outage problem with VM service and it was being looked into.  Does anyone know when this will actually be fixed?  I use my phone for business and when my customers call in, they get my voicemail message, and can leave a message (I have tried it from my office phone) BUT then I am unable to retrieve my voicemails.  This is past ridiculous for it to take this long to fix.


My husband and I bought the same exact phone at the same time and switched from Verizon to AT&T with the same plans - yet I'm the only one that is having this VM service issue.  My parents have the same problem, my mom's VM is not working but my dad's is.  Please advise what is being done to correct this.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

My Voicemail number that is not working was redacted, but looks like I can say it is a 980 number.  My phone is a SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 running Android 5.0.1.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Unable to access voicemail for 2 days.  People trying to reach me are also reporting that my phone is ringing busy even when not being used?  Have posted on facebook for friends family (and anyone who cares to google AT+T) that voicemail is down and shared article about lack of response.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Same here with my OnePlus 6. I've contacted AT&T tech support three times (I called first then chatted twice). I get no help with this. They say it's affecting multiple users. How long does it take to fix, though? I'm in Charlotte. My wife can get vm, but I can't. However, one time over the weekend, I repeatedly hit refresh on my visual vm app and got four messages. But it's not working now. My phone says I have a vm, but not sure. And we can't change our outgoing message to tell people not to leave one because we can't get to vm at all! This is ridiculous. AT&T should have fixed this already. Maybe I'll make a complaint thru the FCC site about this. I've done that a couple times before and got a quick response from the office of the president.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

can't access voicemail, but callers can leave voicemail.....if issue, why don't they cut it altogether so people won't leave message thinking I will hear it?!?!?.......been out for at least 10 days, service tech did not know of any issues when first called in to check to see if my phone had problem, they did something which resulted in loss of service completely!!! could not call out, could not receive calls.....pathetic......then was told needed new SIM.....had to find corporate store (first one visited apparently could not assist), attempted to get that straightened out....2 hrs later, phone still not working because store could not activate new SIM, was sent to tech support on phone at that store, waited on hold/transferred/hold....etc.......all agents had accents could barely understand, could not fix anything, finally left and later used friends phone (remember, mine was not re-connected), got service tech to finally get phone to work.......days go by/more calls/more hold time/more transfers to wrong people/more no answers.......still can't access vm and still have not gotten any contact, text, call or other, from AT&T about the issue or what they are doing to fix or when........again...pathetic

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Same issue. LG Stlylo 4Plus. Spoke with tech support and issue is still being worked on as of today. Was told ETA for resolution is not yet known, but was told they are continuing to research. Will be requesting a credit on mobile service for inconvenience and disruption of service now that it is stretching well over a week now. I also have had to contonue to proactively reach out for updates on a resolution. It would be nice if they would be the onces to send mass text updates to affected market to advise on status every couple of days. 

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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available

Service isn't available for me to access my voicemail!. I powered it off and it still doesn't work. I have a a LG V20. Please Help

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I got hold of someone using the AT&T Chat.  The individual had to check but verified that the is an outage.  The person said they were making this URGENT, but I call B$.  If I don't have VM by Friday 10/9/2019 I have no other choise but to switch to Verizon.  Luckily I am not on a contract and my S10 is fully paid for, so it should be a quick change.

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‎10-09-2019 11:23 AM

Re: Voicemail service not available

Hello Community,


I apologize for the delay in responding to this thread. We’re aware that some customers may be having difficulty retrieving their voicemail due to a vendor server problem. We’re in contact with the vendor as they work to fix it.


If you would like to get your voicemail back immediately, please call us and request to have a new voicemail box set up. However, please know that all voicemail history will be lost.


Thanks and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Tim, AT&T Community Strategy

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