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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available.


Voicemail service not available

Phone:  HTC A9


When accessing voicemail I get the "Service Not Available" message.  It has been this way for the last 5 days ...

This is the first time this has happened in the last 4 years.


Thank you ...

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Had this issue last week - but got through to someone who said my VM account was never set up properly even though I had been getting VMs for years just fine.  He reset it and I went through the process to set up a new password and my personal greeting, then seemed to work fine.  Now it's stopped working again and has been unavailable for a few days.  Same "Service not available. Goodbye." whenever I try to call VM.  Visual VM also not accepting old/new password - error 9999?


I haven't called customer support back yet this time around, but plan to as soon as I actually have time to sit on a call.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Funny thing is, I just switched over from Sprint not too long ago.  I hated Sprint but I never had an issue like this...

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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available.

I'd like to known as well. Its been 4 days and I have been lied to about an update that is going on. 

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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available.

I haven't been able to check voicemail for 7 days now. I've called Technical Support twice and each time I was told (falsely) it would be resolved within 24hrs.


Really poor service. No communication of any kind from AT&T. At this point I'm ready to get my iPhone unlocked and switch to T-Mobile.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Exact same issue for the past 3 or more days with my S5 in FL.  Tried resetting VM password.  Same message.  Power on and off after waiting 10 seconds.  Same message.  Quite frustrating.  I'm primary on my account, wife and daughter are secondary and haven't mentioned an issue with their phones.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I am having the same issue as everyone else here. I get the same "service not available" message when trying to access voicemail. I have tried everything that everyone on this forum has tried to no avail. AT&T support is absolutely no help and the wait times are ridiculous. I am in Georgia so I think the problem may be more wide spread than they are acknowledging.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

I am in Georgia, having moved here last year.  I have an old Pantech flip phone that I got from At&T years ago.  Voice mail has always been in the same place on the menu, never any problems.

About 4 or 5 days ago, the voice mail won't let me sign on.  Says "service not available".  Also, the words.....Voice Mail>>> are now located in a different place on my menu. 


I changed the password online, called for help, etc etc.....no help.


My phone has an 864 area code (South Carolina).  My wife's smart phone has a Georgia area code (770) and was purchased in Georgia.  Both phones are in my name.  Her voicemail is working fine.  Does anything said in this long forum of complainers  give you any clues, AT&T?  Cuz you sure are clueless now.

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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available.

Mine has been out for 4 or 5 days.  Says "Service not available".

I have changed the password and called the poor souls and cussed and fiddled and nothing helps.

I had my wife call my phone and leave a message.  She says it sounds the same as always.

The Voicemail icon on my phone is keeping count of the voicemails  have received but I can't access it.


Hope a clue in one of the five or six forum sites is helping the one or two At&T persons that are valiantly trying to help.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

They have told me every day this week it would be fixed by either the end of that day or the next day.  I even received a text from AT&T that said they identified my issue and it would be restored on 10/3.  I still cannot check my new voicemails.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Have had the same problem (Samsung S9) all week (in NC).  Spent over an hour on phone with AT&T and was passed to increasingly higher levels of tech support (had to repeat the problem, my name, phone number and password each time); tried 6 or 7 different "solutions" and was finally told problem was fixed, all I had to do was restart my phone. I did; problem is not fixed.  Wife is also on same AT&T account and her voicemail works fine.  I finally just disabled Video Voicemail and downloaded another VM app that is working fine.

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Which VM app did you use?
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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available.

My voicemail number calls North Carolina. I have not been able to access voicemail for several days.

AT&T what is it? Can you at least tell us an estimated time to restore voicemail for those of us unlucky enough to be routed through whatever network node is down?

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Re: Voicemail Service Not Available.

when I talked to someone this morning, they said 2-4 hours..   That was at 730AM..   Still nothing for 4 days

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Re: Voicemail service not available

Same problem here on two phones.  I wonder how they would react to "Payment not available."  Makes you want to shop around.  The sad thing is these two phones are new; purchased from a local AT&T store. 

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ACE - Master

Re: Voicemail service not available

@tvillelistener wrote:

I wonder how they would react to "Payment not available." 

By disconnecting your service.

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