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Vivid does not recognize a headphone is connected


Vivid does not recognize a headphone is connected

Intermittent when I connect headphones onto the phone it is not recognized.  The only way I was able to get it to be recognized I had to go a Restart. After the restart I can  use the headphones. Is there a problem with the system that it will not recognize the headphone every time?

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Re: Vivid does not recognize a headphone is connected

We have 3 HTC Vivids in our house and all have very finicky headphone jacks. The headphone plug must be inserted at a very specific depth just short of full in. If it is all the way in, the phone recognizes the headphone is attached but there is no sound from the headphones. I have to ease out the jack slightly and sometimes rotate it to get sound from the headphones, and it is a very delicate connection. Any jostling at all and it disconnects. It seems like a mechanical problem, either a bad design or a quality control problem. This happens fro all my headphones and connector cables. I am taking it back to the AT&T store for a diagnosis. It is very frustrating.


Does anyone else have this problem? Please speak up!

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Re: Vivid does not recognize a headphone is connected

Same problem here. ATT "customer service" called HTC while I was on hold. HTC's fix is, "restart the phone". Really?! So yes, every time I want to listen to music or go hands free, I need to plan 5 minutes to let the phone update and restart every application on the phone. I also need to do this if I want to connect to my PC.


I think a true fix would be to replace the phone with a model that worked. HTC "Quietly Brilliant", didn't think that meant you couldn't hear it.

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