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Visual Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S3


Visual Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S3



I am interested in the Visual Voicemail app to be my primary notification for voicemail on my S3.  Currently when I receive a phone call, and the caller leaves a message I get the standard voicemail icon and notification.  I then have to select the Visual Voicemail app to see the new message on the list.  I'd rather do away with the "traditional" notification and have Visual Voicemail only.  Is this possible?  I probably am not explaining this well...  bottom line I don't want to have to dial 1 to check my voicemails, I'd rather use the App where I can delete calls in any order without having to listen to them all.

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Re: Visual Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S3

 I can certainly understand your request. Visual voicemail is more convenient. For information on upgrading, visit here:

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