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Various cases for the Galaxy s2- help me choose

Various cases for the Galaxy s2- help me choose

Ive pretty much narrowed down my choices to four cases for the AT&T version of the Galaxy s2,default,pd.html?dwvar_SA...


These cases were orginally made for the international version on the Galaxy s2, but they should fit, right?

Is anyone currently using any of these cases? if so, what is your opinion of it?

If you are using a different case, let me know your opinion of it.

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Re: Various cases for the Galaxy s2- help me choose

The short answer to whether or not international cases fit is "yes" and "no".

The noise cancelling mic is in a different place on the AT&T version so the cases cover it up. You have to find ones that are specifically made fo the AT&T version is what I have read--- which is NOT the i9100-- it is the SGH-I777, is what I have read. Not much out there yet. I ordered a TPU case off amazon until I have more choices.... I figure that with TPU, I have some protection now, and if the hole isn't quite right, I can cut it.
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Re: Various cases for the Galaxy s2- help me choose

I've read reviews where owners buying a case for a i9100 for their i777 say the case doesn't  fit correctly.. I've had my GS2 i777 for 4 days now and just couldn't wait for the wave of i777 cases to come out and ran up the AT&T store  and gave what they had a another look over.. The sales rep was great and pulled all the cases out of the packaging and let me put my phone in each and try them and I found I really liked the CaseMate Pop Case, I bought the black  one myself,,

After using it for the day I have to say I REALLY like this case!! My original thought was I'd pick up a case to hold  me over until all the new ones come out but honestly this case is a keeper:

1. feels great in hand

2.-doesn't make the phone feel bulky 

3. lock key&volume buttons are raised making finding them super easy

4. protects really well and raised edge on front protects screen if you set it down face down

5. rubber sides makes gripping easy


below is the review of this same case for the i9100, the reviewer gives it 5 stars even with the speaker cutout being a bit off BUT unlike the reviewers case the i777 version fits perfectly(the speaker is not covered at all)

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Re: Various cases for the Galaxy s2- help me choose

The CaseMate looks to be a very good case. It reminds me of my OtterBox Impact Series case on my Captivate. Twice has that case saved my phone from accidental drops on a cement sidewalk/driveway. I like the cases that have a nice grip to them, and the CaseMate is the one I would choose overall.

The OtterBox Commuter Series looks to be fairly decent, too. But I would recommend the Impact Series if they were offered for the Galaxy S II.

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Re: Various cases for the Galaxy s2- help me choose

Go to and you will be able to buy a great case ballistics for only $5.00. The original unit price is $35. They are getting rid of them with free FedEx delivery. That's where I got mine and it is excellent
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