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Updating Capitvate to Android 2.2


Updating Capitvate to Android 2.2

I've read of a good number of folks that had issues/problems upgrading. AT&T sent me the link below for instructions on upgrading.

This is a whole bunch of hoops to jump through, not even knowing if it will turn out ok or you'll have a good 'paper weight' afterwards. Does anyone have an idea of the percentages of failure? I sure don't want to be without a phone.

I'm not sure I understand why this could not be simpler. I mean...holding the volume up and volume down keys while inserting the USB, taking out the battery? That's a bunch of hoops.

It would be nice if there was an 'app' which upgraded you. My MacBook updates without me having to hold special buttons or taking out a battery.

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Re: Updating Capitvate to Android 2.2

When I did the update, it went very well. I did it on an WinXP PC. In a nutshell, I downloaded and installed Kies Mini. then after starting the program, I turned on USB debugging on my phone, then plugged it into USB. Then Kies found the phone and I clicked on the update button. Now, you have to be patient. It took about 20-25 minutes total for my update to install and complete on my phone.


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Re: Updating Capitvate to Android 2.2

Thanks for the info.

Did you do the step three stuff (holding the volume up/down button in and taking the battery out etc)?

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Re: Updating Capitvate to Android 2.2

Actually, I didn't do step 3. It looks like that step is for the computer to recognize and then install some additional drivers. I didn't run into any problems, but now that I think of it, I may have done the "driver" step at an earlier time for some stuff I was doing while "experimenting" with other options on my phone.


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