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Updated s3, but now having lag


Updated s3, but now having lag

I updated my Samsung Galaxy s3 to run the new kernel version 3.0.31.


Unfortunately, ever since then, my phone has become very unresponsive.

Texting lags where i type out a sentence, and the sentence doesnt show up until a second later.

Apps are running slower then before the update.

I do not have that much storage used on my phone (close to 55%). I have tried cleaning the phone out by deleting cache, downloads, closing apps, clearing memory, turning the phone off/on, and resetting it.


Wanted to see if anyone is experiencing this, was able to fix it, and/or any suggestions on what to do.
If not, might have to replace this phone with another one.

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Re: Updated s3, but now having lag

Have you tried updating it to Jellybean 4.1.1? 

If the XDA Developers forum has a thread for this kernal there should be someone there that can help troubleshoot too.  Or just under the phone type there is a forum for troubleshooting too.

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Re: Updated s3, but now having lag

XDA is for people that are a little on the tech savvy side. If you are on 4.0.4 and can't get the 4.1.1 update through AT&T, i recommend that you get it from Samsung Kies. I did and JellyBean with prodject butter is light years ahead of ICS.

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