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Update Samsung Galaxy S4


Update Samsung Galaxy S4

Dear All,


I'm from Pakistan, and Using AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337), Using my Local Network.

As at&t has officially announce the android update for this Device,

but when ever i check it for Software Update, It said that

Software Update Interrupted

No Updates are available at this time please try after 24 Hrs.


Please halp me how can i update my Phone to latest Andoid Software.



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Re: Update Samsung Galaxy S4

Not sure what version you have now, but 4.3 is the latest version for SGH-337.

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Re: Update Samsung Galaxy S4

Thank you for the reply.
My Current Version 4.2.2.
But how to download and install as i'm from OUT of USA.
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Re: Update Samsung Galaxy S4

To update I think you have to be on a ATT network with an ATT sim card in the phone, connected to wifi.
The latest firmware is 4.4.2 KitKat.
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Re: Update Samsung Galaxy S4

You could trying using Samsung's Utility...


Samsung Kies


That is a supported method if you can not update Over-the-Air.


I hope that helps.

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Re: Update Samsung Galaxy S4

Please have a look on the attached image



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Re: Update Samsung Galaxy S4

Hmm, odd.  The only other supported method my be to visit a certified AT&T or Samsung store and have them download the official updates to your phone.  They can then set your phone to update from the local storage.


I am however not sure if you would need to goto 4.3 first since you are on 4.2 before venturing to 4.4.


4.2.2 = I337UCUAMF3

4.3    = I337UCUEMK2

4.4    = I337UCUFNB1

4.4.2 = I337UCUFNC1


You could also try contacting Samsung for support.

Best of luck,



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