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Unlocking a phone


Unlocking a phone

So, I don't use ATT services, I just have a phone that is locked to them. I am trying to get it unlocked. I e-mailed Samsung and they say contact ATT, ATT says they don't have the codes, get a hold of samsung, this is the e-mail I get from Samsung.


Thank you for your correspondence. We understand that you already called AT&T and were told that Samsung has the code to unlock your device. We appreciate hearing from our customers, as your comments are vital for us to continue improving our products, as well as our business.

Phones are distributed to each service provider. Once it is distributed they are lock and for this reason we cannot assist in unlocking the phone for use on another network. We hold a proprietary licensing agreement with your Service Provider and it would be in violation of this agreement to assist in unlocking the phone.

Your Service Provider has these codes and should be able to provide support for this.

Service Provider Contact Information
AT&T Technical Support

Please Note: Unlocking of the phone, although at the discretion of the service provider is possible, will void all Samsung warranties for support or service. Features that are available on the intended network may not be accessible on the alternate network. Features on the alternate network may not be available this phone as these features are not those of the network on which the phone was intended to be used, and therefore, are not programmed.

As to whether or not a phone of this type will be available for the network of your choice in the future, we are only able to provide information regarding models that are currently on the market for sale, as any pre-release information would be subject to change and could therefore be inaccurate at the time of launch.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.


Technical Support 


I'm not trying to illegally unlock a phone, I bought this thing form someone else, i use straight talk, and I want all this att crap off pf my phone. I despise Att and their services, all you ever get is a run around. If I could pay 40 to have the other sites send me a code I would, funny that they have the codes but Att doesn't? Give me a break!


I love the bit about voiding warranties....Yeah I think the warranty on this phone is long gone...


Anyway, I use a Galaxy sII SGH-I727 I want it unlocked, what gives?

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Re: Unlocking a phone

If all else fails, they have them for like $7-8 on ebay, and I have used ebay codes to unlock all of my phones

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Re: Unlocking a phone

I believe that is bull to tell you unlocking the phone would void the warranty; how does unlocking the network void the hardware.  That's like telling me if I use my off-road motorcycle on the road will void the warranty. Bull.  AT&T does have the codes and they have made it very public that they will unlock any phone if asked, as long as the account  has met the legal requirements.  Do a web search on the Librarian Of Congress if and unlocking cell phones.  It was within one of these articles that AT&T made the comment to the public.  I hope that helps you.

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Re: Unlocking a phone

Thanks. I think the real issue is that I'm NOT an ATT customer, and they don't like that. Why would they help someone using their phone but not their service? This is why I dropped Uverse internet and TV and went back to Cable. ATT has the worst customer support. It's so bad that they had to call me once a week then entire year I had Uverse just to  make sure I was happy.

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