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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

I'm going on vacation to Thailand on 7/29 - 8/28.


I chatted with a couple of AT&T people this morning about trying to unlock my S2.  First guy said that I was still under contract until 10/13/2013, so he could not provide me with the unlock code.  The second person said that AT&T will not provide an unlock code because it's a phone that is exclusively at AT&T.


I really don't know why it would matter if I'm still under contract, as I still have to pay them my monthly bill (or pay an ETF, which supposedly is only there to help them recoup their subsidy).


The exclusitivity rights <nope> me off even more because what customer would know about that when they bought the phone?  No one.  Unless they have world travel experience and have been burned by that before.


What other options do I have to get my phone unlocked?



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Re: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

I'm sorry we're not able to unlock your phone. 


I encourage you to take a look at the international plans we have available so you can continue to use your phone while you're in Thailand -


While I know that doesn't resolve your issue, it is another option for you. 


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Re: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

Escalate the issue BY PHONE. I got my S2's unlock code while still under contract, perhaps because I've been a customer for over a decade. They were reluctant, but I kept pressing until I found the right person.
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Re: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

Uh, yeah.  I did look at those wonderful international plans, and for a mere $250, I can get 100 minutes and 800GB's of data.  I don't think so. 


I'd rather buy a new phone in Thailand for that price.

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Re: Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

I don't know what the previous poster did to get AT&T to even admit that it was POSSIBLE to unlock this phone. Every person I've spoken with has held the company line: This model is exclusive to AT&T so there is no unlock code. Even when confronted with the fact that the manufacturer generally sets this stuff up, not the vendor. 


<CM Edit - Link not permitted>


My phone works everywhere now. I've been to Fiji, Western Samoa, Tonga, London, France and the Netherlands and have had no problems. Except with AT&T's customer service and willingness to blatantly lie to paying customers.



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