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Unlock HTC One X+?


Unlock HTC One X+?

I recently purchased the HTC One X+ at the no-commitment price from an AT&T store.

I am about to leave the country next week and I would like to have the phone unlcoked.


I was assured before my purchase by AT&T representatives online and in the store that AT&T would unlock my phone if I paid the full retail price.


I contacted AT&T after the purchase and I was asked the IMEI# and my contact information.

I was again assured that my phone would be unlocked.

But when I called them today, I was told that my phone won't be unlocked until May 2013.


I am confused by these mixed messages.

Can someone please help me out? I would like to have my phone unlocked please.




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Re: Unlock HTC One X+ ?

Unfortunately the phone in question is a AT&T specific phone for the time being, unfortunately until that changes the only options are to return the device if you have had it less than 14 days or find a outside source that will cost you to have the device unlocked.
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Re: Unlock HTC One X+ ?

I see.

I am dissapointed that this was not made clear to me before I purchased the phone. I will talk to the store about this when I make the return.

Thank you.

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Re: Unlock HTC One X+ ?

I completely feel your pain. I am furious at AT&T's customer service. I recently purchased an HTC One X+ with a new contract and the representative explicitly told me that I will be able to begin the suspended rate ($10/month) whenever I wanted (for a maximum of 6 months). 14 days later I tried to do it and the Customer Service representative informed me that I would have to have 6 months of service running for me to be allowed to get the suspended rate. They blew off my protests by saying the representative wouldn't have said that since it's not the policy. I kept insisting they did and they basically said not our problem. I cannot believe the degree of inconsistency that AT&T has displayed and will be cancelling my two-year contract.
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