Unknown Call Not being blocked on SII


Unknown Call Not being blocked on SII

Yes, I have all the latest updates.  Including the SoD fix just released.


But, since day-1 with the Galaxy SII calls that show "unknown" as the ID still ring the phone.  I have unknown setup in my call reject list and I even tried putting in bizarre phone numbers like all 1's etc.  Nothing seems to help.


Anyone else experiencing this?  In all the phones I've owned, never have I had this problem.  It's like they are calling from some secret hacked phone number that the phone sees as "unknown" but doesn't reject it  Smiley Sad

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Re: Unknown Call Not being blocked on SII

Hi Maavalous,


I see you are having a problem with your Galaxy SII.  I'm not sure why that is happening.  Please send a Private Message to our AT&T CustomerCare Team, by following the link below.  Please include your name, email address, phone number, and the best time to be reached.  A  Representative will get back to you as soon as possible to try and help you with that problem.


Private Message

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Re: Unknown Call Not being blocked on SII

Hi Maavalous,


Just wanted to let you know that we received your private message and one of our managers will be reaching out to you soon.


-Nicole K.

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: Unknown Call Not being blocked on SII


So far, I've been contacted by multiple ATT "help" people.  They don't seem to use cell phones or understand their functions.


Had one tell me the only way to block a number was to enter it in the list manually... like not even the only way... sigh...


So, still having this bizarre behaviour... Unknown is first thing in my Reject List.  Phone rejects all the numbers in my list EXCEPT the Unknown.  Totally lost on how that's possible  Smiley Sad

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Re: Unknown Call Not being blocked on SII

I can only suggest using a 3rd party app here. I use avast antivirus and it has a sms/call filter feature that i use to block sms messages and it works for me. Also you are sure you have call settings right?
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