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Unable to update to Multiview Release

Unable to update to Multiview Release

I have been quite angry that At&t is so slow to update Multiview (not sure why they don't let Samsung send out updates!) Then I heard a news report that it will be available.  I tried to update via Kies - of course AT&T disabled that - now OTA update says that it's not available.  Tried again today and it says that I can't even check for 119 hours.  I just can't believe how invasive AT&T is in MY device! Just let me upgrade it, what is the big deal?  Why tell me 119 hours before I'm allowed to check again?


I have avoided rooting the phone, but with all these headaches, bloatware, and poorly written applications it's hard to be a good citizen. I can't figure out if iti is arrogance or incompetence.  Why can't you just accept that you are a just a voice/data carrier, and my smartphone is like my PC.  


Please help me to update to the feature you advertised when I bought the phone over a month ago!

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Re: Unable to update to Multiview Release

It was doing that to me to put the date to 12-28-12 when I did that it started my update
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Re: Unable to update to Multiview Release

tried that - didn't work for me. tried several times to push date out Smiley Sad.
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