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Trouble with s voice and bluetooth on galaxy s4


Trouble with s voice and bluetooth on galaxy s4

Is anyone else having problems with the s voice feature?  It was working when I bought it, now it only works when it wants to.  This was the reason I decided to go with the galaxy over the iphone.  I was wanting to s voice so when I am driving I can navigate, etc.  My bluetooth connection is the same way.  Very frustrating to have a phone only 17 day of having it with so many issues.  

I went to best buy trying to return, for an iphone and since I was past the 15 day return by 2 days they said they cannot help me. They reset the software and said they will get me a new galaxy since I pay for their insurance.  I am just afraid the new one will have the same problem and will be stuck with this one for two years. grr

If you have any ideas please let me know.  I am totally kicking myself for not going with the iphone now.

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Re: Trouble with s voice and bluetooth on galaxy s4

Thanks for your post @mom4cuties . Are you still having trouble with S voice? Did exchanging the phone resolve the issue? 

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Re: Trouble with s voice and bluetooth on galaxy s4

it still works when it wants to. ;(  I did not exchange my phone with the refurbished one, seemed silly to exchange a brand new phone for one the was some elses problem "fixed".  My account probably shows that I did exchange but when I went in I refused refurbished phone because the manager said I would get a NEW phone when we discussed the problems.  They actually wanted me to sign a form saying my problem was satisactory fixed- did not sign it.

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