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Text and Email Issues - Samsung Infuse


Text and Email Issues - Samsung Infuse

Both my boyfriend and myself are getting rather irritated that we keep LOSING text messages.  "Did you get my text?"  .... "Um, no, did you get MY TEXT?"  "Uhhh nope, sorry".  Then when they DO come through, sometimes it takes 20 minutes or something to come through. Same with my emails. My Mom sent me an email Monday night and I didn't receive it until TUESDAY night. I have my email set to check it every five minutes.  Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I have VERY VERY limited service within the walls of my workplace but one would think once I'm OUT of there then it wouldn't be an issue but it almost ALWAYS is.


Is anyone else having problems with text messages not coming through or taking forever to come through or just getting lost all together??

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Re: Text and Email Issues - Samsung Infuse

No problems of this sort here...  Often problems like this are indicative of a problem with your local towers.

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Re: Text and Email Issues - Samsung Infuse

I'm using a Samsung Captivate and this happens to me often, especially last night. I had text messaged a friend sitting no more than four inches away from me and I watched her reply right before my eyes.

Turns out, 17 minutes later, my phone vibrated, containing her reply to my original message. I had thought (and expected) it would come no more than a minute later after the message was sent, but it was obviously very delayed.

This is definitely frustrating.

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Re: Text and Email Issues - Samsung Infuse

My texts disappear from my phone while I am reading them.  


I get the received text icon, and when I open the message it disappears right in front of me in just a few seconds. They can show up later, like the next day, or sometimes after I shut down and then restart my phone.


Can this be a conflict between the AT&T Android App and the native app on the infuse?

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