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Text Message Notification includes both Sound and Vibrate (SGH-I747,4.1.1)


Text Message Notification includes both Sound and Vibrate (SGH-I747,4.1.1)

I would like to be able to set my notifications to use (1) sound, (2) vibration, (3) both, or (4) none. I was able to do this with a feature phone I had in the 90s. Under "Device options" (accessible via the Power button) I see three options, "Mute," "Vibrate," and "Sound." The user interface should have used a traditional radio button to indicate mutually exclusive selection. Despite the unclear horizontal bar design, this is a mutually exclusive selection widget. This implies that the options are "Mute" (no vibration, no sound), "Vibrate" (no mute, no sound), and "Sound" (no mute, no vibration). When I have this set to "Sound" and I receive a text message, the device plays a ringtone and vibrates. How do I set it to just play the ringtone and not vibrate?


Use case: Device is sitting on my desk and I want the sound but not the vibration in this case.


Samsung Galaxy S III (SUMSUNG-SGH-I747), Android Version 4.1.1, Messaging Version 4.1.1-I747UCDLK3

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Re: Text Message Notification includes both Sound and Vibrate (SGH-I747,4.1.1)

The "AT&T Messages" app, "Settings," "Notifications," "Vibrate" menu item lists "Always," "Only when silent," and "Never" as options. I suspect this app, which cannot be uninstalled, must be doing its own thing despite the "Mute," "Vibrate," and "Sound" setting set by holding in the Power button.


Why does "AT&T Messages" have its own settings for notifications that conflict with the device settings? It is possible to get a coherent and consistent interface for notifications of text messages?


AT&T Messages Version

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Re: Text Message Notification includes both Sound and Vibrate (SGH-I747,4.1.1)

Try going into your settings and making sure "Silent Mode" is set to off. There is a setting here that enables vibrate. 


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