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Support foums for specific makes and models


Support foums for specific makes and models

Just got a Galaxy S4 Active, moving up from an iPhone 3GS. 


I came here looking for a plae to read about and ask about the phone I have but I can't seem to find a forum for the S4. 


There are about 90 places that come up in a google search for an Samsung S4 forum and looking at a few has not found a good one yet.  Can anyone recommend a forum that might be a good place for discussion on the S4?  





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Re: Support foums for specific makes and models

Hello, jackerbes!


Thanks for posting.


We don't have categories for each individual model because there are so many different devices, and the list changes every day.


If you have any particular questions about the S4 Active, this is the perfect place to post. You'll find that many of your fellow community members have the same phone and would be happy to share useful information.


In the meantime, feel free to check out the Device Tutorial Center by clicking here and selecting the Galaxy S4 Active from the dropdown.


Let me know if this helps!





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