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Stuck on the ATT logo screen during boot up - no help at ATT store!

Stuck on the ATT logo screen during boot up - no help at ATT store!

My year and a half old Samsung Galaxy SII was stuck on the ATT logo screen (during boot up) - went to the ATT Store for help, two of them. All they wanted to do was sell me a new phone!!! "Sorry, we don't have technical support on the premises". I asked if they knew how this problem probably happened - "The phone is old and gets defective, needs to be replaced". These guys are clueless!!! What a waste of time and gas!

I don't want to buy a new phone. I don't want to upgrade my plan to a more expensive one. All I wanted was support for my broken phone.

Removing the battery didn't work. Samsung factory reset didn't work. I fixed my phone on my own after numerous Google searches - did an emergency firmware upgrade and initialization through Samsung Kies program.

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Re: Stuck on the ATT logo screen during boot up - no help at ATT store!

Hello, pedrochin!


Thanks for posting. I'm glad you ultimately found a fix, and I'm sorry that the store personnel could not help. Typically, the stores have a very limited capacity for running diagnostics on defective wireless devices and fixing them; they can perform soft and hard resets, remove and replace the battery, or attempt to use other chargers. 


However, we do have several different resources available that may help.


1. Device Tutorials: These are available on our website. Simply input your device information, and you'll have access to troubleshooting information and other tutorials.


2. Device Support Centers: Same-day, face-to-face technical and warranty support is available at AT&T Device Support Centers (DSC). Our mission is simple - to help get you mobile again.


3. The Community Forums: These forums have quite a few resourceful members that are always happy to help.


We also have an online chat option in addition to our tech support line. I hope this helps you if you run into any issues in the future.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



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Re: Stuck on the ATT logo screen during boot up - no help at ATT store!

Samsung support personnel, or their website would probalby have been more help.


I agree that most AT&T store personnel exist just to sell new phones (mostly iPhones).

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