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Stop screen from "rolling" ?


Stop screen from "rolling" ?

Hello, I have the Pantech Discover. Its my first Smartphone so I'm still learning best I can. I get crazy with my screen always moving. It has 3 sections & I was wondering if there was a way to lock the screen to keep it from moving to each panel. I hope I made my trouble clear enough. Thank you in advance.



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Re: Stop screen from "rolling" ?

It sounds like this is a feature of your phone you'll need to spend a little time with to become comfortable with. 


The scrolling of screens can be a little sensitive to new users but I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time!


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Re: Stop screen from "rolling" ?

It's hard to give you some tips without seeing exactly what you are talking about.  If you have some friends or family members, or can go to an AT&T store, maybe someone there could help you if you show them what you see on your phone.

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