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Still not showing update for 4.3?


Still not showing update for 4.3?

I have a Note II I317 from AT&T. I'm still on the 4.1.2. I've been checking for updates every week but it pops up no updates available. I've never rooted my phone or anything so that isn't an issue. Please help
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Re: Still not showing update for 4.3?

Hi BuBBles32,


Is your device active on the AT&T Network? The AT&T Software Update tool uses your active SIM card to authenticate with our servers to push out the update. Additionally if you log on to myAT&T, is your device showing as a Note II? If its not then a lot of times the update won't push as it done via the IMEI of the device. 


You should be able to call into tech support and they should be able to push the update to your phone for you. Additionally if you have a Device Support Center near by, most of them have the ablility to push Samsung firmware updates to the phones. You can find your nearest DSC by clicking Here


Hope this helps!

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Re: Still not showing update for 4.3?

Yes it is active on AT&T and shows up as a Note II. Thank you I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I'm fixing to go to support center in my town and see if they can help. Thanks again
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