Still No Update for S2 Skyrocket to Jelly Bean

Still No Update for S2 Skyrocket to Jelly Bean

Seems they can get it ready for customers with the newer S3 but not for us and for AT&T customers. STUPID why we stay with AT&T

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Re: Still No Update for S2 Skyrocket to Jelly Bean

I don't think there's ever going to be a update to JB for that phone because it's too old

just sayin

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Re: Still No Update for S2 Skyrocket to Jelly Bean

Yeah, it's not on the it just got ics recently...i had the skyrocket with ics and its a solid phone. The jb update on the g3 was evolution not revolution. I would download nova launcher and you get total custom, jelly bean look and no rooting. I have it on all my phones.
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Re: Still No Update for S2 Skyrocket to Jelly Bean

CyanogenMod 10 (Jellybean/4.1.2) runs great on the Skyrocket.

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Re: Still No Update for S2 Skyrocket to Jelly Bean

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I wish people would stop shoving their custom ROMs in others' faces.  In many cases those custom ROMs depend on decent stock ROM for things like Driver updates and simply inheret many of the same issues without such "round-about" support.


My phone went from an easy 7-8 hours of heavy use to literally < 3 hours of below moderate use.  If I'm reading a webpage in an LTE area, maybe send 30 facebook messages.  I went visit the Baltimore Acquarium and had to make Car trips to charge my phone.  It wasn't even noon Time.  I had barely used it.  It was that bad.  My battery goes down from 90% to less than 50% within an hour.  I'm sorry, that is not even approaching average smartphone usage, and this devices ceases to be classifiable as a smartphone to me - more like a glorified MP3 player (in Airplane Mode).  Something is wrong when I have to completely disable AT&T Cell and Data Network and use something like Skype (which doesn't even allow emergency calls) the minute I walk into a building just to keep in contact with others while HSPA+ and Verizon LTE devices don't lose nearly as much battery life.  I'm paying for a $39.99 and $30 Rate plan (and $20 unlimited texting - i.e. my whole bill) that I have to literally shut off other than many 4-5  hours a day the network is worthless to me as my phone is completely dead.


I am better off getting a cheap pre-paid feature phone and using a WiFi iPad, because that's about the only time I can bear to use my smartphone as an internet device due to fear of it dying or draining down too low.  That I think is the most ironic thing of all.  In their rush to faster data speeds, they've put out some of the worse performing devices in terms of battery stamina on the market (or ever) and actually forced people to use their devices LESS, not MORE, because of it.


I had T-Mobile, and the data speeds were pretty bad, but the battery life on this phone has truly taught me that battery life is certainly more important than speed.  If there was a way to switch off LTE, that would immediately fix most of those issues, but AT&T isn't into that, right?


And CM won't change that, BTW.


I had my phone sit 1d2h#m on standby on WiFi and it was still at 41%.  It takes < 2 hours of moderate use on LTE to literally kill the phone.  Something is not right.  It would take 6-8 hours of similar usage to kill it that was on WiFi.


But that's fine, cause my initial impression is that these phones shold still fetge a decent price which is more than enough to ETF and move to Verizon, which is what I will certainly be doing if an update isn't forthcoming.  Tired of carrier hopping.  I see people here with Bionics with worse hardware that run circle around this phone in battery life on LTE.  Time to hop on that bandwagon.  The newer phones can't be worse, and their phones are better supported, anyways...


Updates only become important when you have problems.  A 3 hour use phone is not usable to me, it's a problem, a hinderence, and a lifestyle-altering deficiency.  It doesn't help that they only somewhat recently turned on LTE because if I had known it was like this from the day I got this device I'd have not touched it.  I don't want features.  I want longevity.

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Re: Still No Update for S2 Skyrocket to Jelly Bean

The Canadian operator Rogers, have released their update for SGH-i727R (R=Rogers) which is the exact same phone as AT&T Skyrocket. Not like the international i9210. The SGH-i727R is the exact same phone as the Skyrocket.


So once again, a Canadian operator released the Jelly Bean update for Skyrocket in Canada back in February.

The phone's hardware fully supports Jelly Bean.

Why haven't At&t done the same? My guess is, At&t are just slower. Cat Sad


For those of you who think that the canadian SII LTE isn't the same phone, i suggest you go here


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Re: Still No Update for S2 Skyrocket to Jelly Bean

Gonna jump the gun and go to T-Mobile when they get the iPhone 5 in.  They're cheaper and if I have to deal with worse reception and data speeds than it will be worth it to get a better overall deal on my plan and from a carrier that doesn't treat their customers like rats.

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