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Speaker Sound when using Headphones Galaxy S3


Speaker Sound when using Headphones Galaxy S3

I am curious to know if anyone else is having an issue with using headphones and your notifications can still be heard through the speakers?  I just finished a chat with Samsung and they say it is supposed to work this way.  I claim that they shouldn't - no other phone works that way.

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Re: Speaker Sound when using Headphones Galaxy S3

It's not an issue... it's a feature.  I too had other devices that sent notifications to the headphone... the S3 is the only one that does not.  i have had my phone for nearly a year and found the feature is actaully useful.  There are times I would leave my headphones connected, place the phone at my desk and walk away from it.  Without this feature I would not hear any notifications... I've learned to like it.

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