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Solution for Galaxy SII SGH-i777 4.0.4 update issues


Solution for Galaxy SII SGH-i777 4.0.4 update issues

I think I've fixed my Galaxy S2 problems!  It has been completely stable, very responsive, with great battery life for 4 days.

After the 4.0.4 update, I saw the all the problems being described here: spurts of extreme battery discharge, spontaneous reboot, but most often "sleep of death".  After the "sleep of death" episode, the phone indicates the battery is dead if you hold the power button.   But usually, as soon as you plug in the charger, the battery indicates less than empty, and the phone will boot.

Per AT&T's advice, I removed lots of apps (mostly geeky, system-oriented apps).  No luck.  Then I did a factory reset.  Better, but no luck - still saw "sleep of death" occasionally.  Unacceptable, as my job depends on the phone.

On a  hunch, I tried something else: disabled several AT&T built-in apps, being specifically concerned about "AT&T Smart Wi-fi".  

Background: I remembered that several months ago I saw this app in the Play store, and it looked useful.  I installed it, and my phone became unreliable.  I didn't recognize the problem immediately, because I suspected my new SD card was the culprit.  After two weeks, I uninstalled the app, and the phone became stable again.  A few days ago, I noticed "AT&T Smart Wi-fi" came along with 4.0.4 as a system app, so I disabled it and the phone has been great since.

Actually, I disabled most of the built-in apps (you can't uninstall them, unfortunately), but I suspect the Smart Wi-fi app was the culprit.disabled_apps.JPG

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Re: Solution for Galaxy SII SGH-i777 4.0.4 update issues

I have tried disabling the AT&T bloatware and it has improved the SOD from 5 or 6 times a day.  To once every day or two. 

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Re: Solution for Galaxy SII SGH-i777 4.0.4 update issues

After trying all different suggestions regarding this issue, it appears that the only effective solution is to flash the phone back to 4.0.3. I did this using the procedudure and software tools found on I did this about a week ago and have not had one crash/SOD episode since. I think that I will not EVER upgrade the firmware on this phone again. Too many headaches! Hope this note helps the rest of you.
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Re: Solution for Galaxy SII SGH-i777 4.0.4 update issues

I was super excited this morning when I received the update message, I figured it was the update finally to 4.1 (Jelly Bean).  However after the update my SGH-i777 still states it is 4.0.4....grrr.  I have been witnessing all the above problems with my S2.  Did anyone get this update?  Am I far behind?  I tried even syncing through Samsung Kies, but now it says that my firmware is too out of date for Samsung Kies...WHATT??

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Re: Solution for Galaxy SII SGH-i777 4.0.4 update issues

I noticed every time in recovered from one of these episodes , the play store would be downloading an update. I disabled automatically update apps and I have not had any problems for the past 3 days. Hopefully it stays this way! I also got the mystery update today... waiting to see if it does anything different...
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Re: Solution for Galaxy SII SGH-i777 4.0.4 update issues

I got the update this morning. I hope it fixes the SOD issue.

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Re: Solution for Galaxy SII SGH-i777 4.0.4 update issues

I am curious if you went with SuperNexus, which version you installed and how it worked out?  I too am tired of the crap that AT&T forces on you (anyone else sick of the delay waking the phone and seeing that stupid AT&T logo in the upper-left corner!) and waiting forever to get JellyBean.  I put CyanogenMod on my Galaxy S - original - the phone Samsung/AT&T said wouldn't get JB - CM works great, albeit a little slow. Unfortunately, CM is really behind on getting and official JB based MOD for the S2.


FWIW, the patch to fix this problem won't install on my phone.  I tried it a dozen times last night.  Even did a "factory reset" - it downloads fine, reboots, gets to 67% and says "Update is failed", then reboots.


I always suspected the problem is with the additional crapware AT&T forces on us with 4.0.4 - I have gone through and disabled everything I don't want.

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