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Skyrocket problems


Skyrocket problems

Hi I bought my SG S2 Skyrocket from AT&T on March 2012. Recently upgraded to ICS. The battery life is very bad. I need to charge atleast twice a day to use the phone. The charging is taking too much time (0%-10% to 100%) for about 4+ or 5+ hours. Most of the time time there is no 4G LTE but it shows Edge as the data connection. The phone is over heating when talking (for just few mins say less than 10 mins) and when playing music on a music player ( just a few songs). Many of the applications are crashing and the phone many time doesn't respond to user key input like home or back. Either it got stuck or I need to restart the mobile. Is there a way to return this phone to AT&T since it is less than 6 months old? Or how to get it serviced by AT&T or Samsung. FYI, I am a not great data user. In a month, I hardly consume 500mb of data via 4G LTE. Most of the time the mobile is in wifi connected mode. Long story short, I have battery life, over heating, crashing problems and would really appreciate if someone can guide me and provide details. Thank you.

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Re: Skyrocket problems

I also have the Samsung Skyrocket.  Great phone, but battery life is a major issue.  I had to buy an extended battery back in July.  The stock battery is 1850 mAh, and the one I purchased is 3800 mAh.  Here are some tips to get the most out of your battery:

  • Upgrade your software to Jelly bean via Samsung Kies;
  • Use Power Saving Mode;
  • 4G LTE is a battery drainer - unfortunately there is not a way to turn off the LTE functionallity.  LTE speeds rocks, battery life sucks;
  • Use Airplane Mode when in a low signal area, or when you are not gonna need it for a long time.  When you are in a no coverage area or a low signal area, your device will constantly search for signal or a stronger signal;
  • Limit the amount of widgets;
  • Limit the amount of e-mail accounts you have and other applications that require sync; you can also turn down how often it syncs;
  • Adjust how long your screen timeout is;
  • Turn auto-brightness on;

I know this is a lot of things, but it will help!  Goodluck, and enjoy your Skyrocket.

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