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Skyrocket bloatware after the new update


Skyrocket bloatware after the new update

I just did an over the air update (said 4.0.4 before the update, still says 4.0.4 after).  I noticed a lot of the bloatware that I was able to uninstall before, came back after the update.  Also noticed there is no way to uninstall the bloatware anymore.  Can anyone confirm this?  Any ideas besides rooting how to uninstall bloatware ?

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Re: Skyrocket bloatware after the new update

Hello djxpress75, welcome to the Community! Are you still having issues with this? If so, I would suggest contacting Samsung to determine if the bloatware in question was loaded by them and if there's a way to remove it.


I hope this helps! If you get an answer, please come back and post the results. It may help someone else in the Community.


Thank you!

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