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Skyrocket Update from Gingerbread to ICS Question


Skyrocket Update from Gingerbread to ICS Question

I never did update my Skyrocket from Gingerbread to ICS.  After reading all the issues, I decided to wait for awhile.  So at this point, I have a couple of questions:


** Should I update - is it worth it?  Good, bad, etc. ??

** How should I update (do I still need to go thru Kies?)

** Is it possible to back up apps (other than moving them to my computer)?



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Re: Skyrocket Update from Gingerbread to ICS Question

I have the sgs2 and upgraded to ics and i like it better. there are some nice features like tracking data use and disable bloatware. not sure if you would still use kies. backing up apps depends on what you want to back up. apps contacts sms and call logs are easy but app data such as angry birds progress needs root access. Smiley Sad untill ics i hear(another nice feature.) if you are handy with a computer (so you will have to backup to computer here) can use ADB (android debug bridge) to backup everything Smiley Happy there a post for that on xda forums.
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