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Re: Skyrocket Problems


Skyrocket Problems

I have a ATT Skyrocket that refuses to work.  How do I do a Master Reset so I can begin again?  Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Skyrocket Problems

I assume that you followed the manual but did not succeed. Is your Skyrocket stuck or frozen? If so, remove the battery and then follow the instruction in the manual.

If your phone was not frozen, you can follow the instruction in the manual again. It can be challenging to press multiple buttons and release them the instant a particular message pops up. But if you keep trying, you will succeed. How far did you get?
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Re: Skyrocket Problems

I'm having network issues in my area with the skyrocket...customer support line is useless cause they were using a diagram for the gingerbread build till i told them i had 4.0.4 then he proceeds to tell me he can't help me cause he didn't have a diagram for it. Laugh my butt off...sorry the acronym wasn't quite enough to describe the humor in that statement
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Re: Skyrocket Problems2

These are the items I'm having problems with:


        Can't get my email address into the phone.  Can't get email period.


        Can't log into my uVerse DSL service.


        Can't update anything with my Mac connected to the Android phone.


        Can't upgrade to ICS because ATT doesn't offer it.


Other than these items - it's a nice phone!


Amazon,  Google and ATT have been contacted and the results were ZERO.       Please help... John - jbmcine







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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Skyrocket Problems

You can wipe your phone by loading up the Android recovery menu. This is done by holding the volume UP and DOWN keys and then pressing and holding the power button. You can let go of the power button when you see the Samsung logo (the plain white one). Shortly after, you should see the recovery menu loading. If you see the secone Samsung logo (the one with the blue glow), then you missed it. Take the battery out and try again.


On this menu, you'll see an option to wipe the phone. Select this option with the volume keys and press the power button to click it. This will restore it completely so back up anything you want to save.


Another way to do this is to go to Settings --> Privacy --> Factory data reset    This option gives you the choice of also formatting the SD card you may have installed into the phone.


Good luck!

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Re: Skyrocket Problems

led frog: I followed your directions and everything worked! It is a tremendous relief to have my Skyrocket working properly.

I don't understand what happened to my phone to make it impossible to use. Perhaps you could clarify this situation. I do appreciate your help. Thanks, John - jbmcine
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Re: Skyrocket Problems

Awesome job ledfrog! Glad to have you around to help out!


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Re: Skyrocket Problems

I love your rep story.  Here's one more - I was getting ready to do a hard reset on my Skyrocket and had a question about saving contacts, so after 10 min or so with the enterprise customer support person, I politely asked if he could please find me someone who knew something about contacts, as in, what they were ... etc.  He hung up on me after saying "Call back, you'll get someone else."



Infusky (name says it all - a year with 6 different Infuses, and I'm just getting my first replacement NEW Skyrocket.  We'll see .....)

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