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Skyrocket Jelly Bean "Smart Stay" Feature?


Skyrocket Jelly Bean "Smart Stay" Feature?

A couple articles on the new release -- including an AT&T blog post -- said that the Jelly Bean update included the "Smart Stay" eye-tracking feature to keep the screen on that is a current feature of the Galaxy SIII. I certainly can't find it (expected under Settings -> Display).


Anyone know for sure if this actually made it into the release? If so, where is it hiding?

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Re: Skyrocket Jelly Bean "Smart Stay" Feature?

I would also like to know where this feature is.
I will follow this thread.
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Re: Skyrocket Jelly Bean "Smart Stay" Feature?

I called ATT support, who called Samsung while I waited on the line.  Smart Stay is not included in the recent release of Jellybean for the Skyrocket, even though ATT said otherwise at .  The tech support person suggested that it might be available in a future firmware update.

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