Samsung galaxy s4 and google now


Samsung galaxy s4 and google now

According to the book I have on the Samsung Galaxy S4, I should be able to use an app called Google Now.  However, I have followed all the instructions to access it and can't seem to find it.  


My son also has a Galaxy S4 (he has Sprint) and there was no problem finding it when I looked at his phone.


How can I access it?


Thank you.

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Re: Samsung galaxy s4 and google now

Hi JanetinNJ,


Google Now is often time just listed as "Google". In your app tray it is a blue icon with the Google "g" on it. That app is Google Now. Google renamed the app a few months ago. 


You may need to update the software on your S4 as well as the Google search app to make it work. In the App Store its usually called "Google Search" if you need to download it.



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Re: Samsung galaxy s4 and google now

Thanks.  I found it.  It wasn't showing up when I tapped the "g."  I had to go into the google settings and turn it on.


Problem solved.



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