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Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE


Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE



Both my daughter and I have S4s. I upgraded to 4.3 in NOV; she just six days ago (25 FEB). I am essentially homebound and rarely use LTE. She is a college student and uses dorm hotspots and other WiFi connections. We purchase 200 MB for $15/month for each phone.


Since upgrading to 4.3, the phone continues to drop WiFi and connect to LTE. If I step outside to get the mail, it drops WiFi and will not autoconnect once I return inside. Previously, it would autoconnect to saved locations. I can deal with this, however my daughter is always moving in and out of WiFi hotspots and if she is not vigilante, she is on LTE. Other than when she was at traveling for 3 months during summer, she has never used more than 140 MB. Since upgrading to 4.3 six days ago, she has now used 176 MB. She is a straight A student that received scholastic scholarships and only has 3 semesters remaining before graduation, so I know it is not because she is not vigilant.


When I started experiencing problems, AT&T support told me it was my modem. Even though I experienced the same problems at other hotspots, I upgraded my 14 month modem/router. Problem persisted. Not my modem/router; it is the phone.


My questions:

(1) Why did the update remove the option to turn data "on/off"?

(2) Is there any process to return to previous Android version?

(3) Why are the phones dropping WiFi for LTE?

(4) Why will the phones not autoconnect to known hotspots and designated locations such as "Home", as they did prior to upgrade? (I researched this online and some suggested removing saved locations and re-enter them. No joy.)

(5) Will the new update, 4.4 correct these issues?


Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE



I too experienced worse WiFi when they updated to 4.3. Unfortunately that is just how the update was. They have since then released the 4.4.2 update and I have seen much better WiFi connectivity since. I get more signal in the exact same spot than on 4.3. Try and update, if you have not already and see if that helps.



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Re: Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE

This is not normal or acceptable.   But it is a complaint after the update.  The updates do not always include compatible software for all routers. (WHAT ?!).   Often the fix is easy.   I had 3 top rated routers that were not consistent with all my gadgets.   I bought an Apple AirPort Extreme and have been VERY pleased for 18 months.   It connects with everything, all the time. 


what to do to fix;


Dig through your settings on the phone.  The update made changes, like turning Bluetooth and GPS on by default and messing with the quick pull down menu.   (Turning off mobile data is still an option on the GS4, but it has been moved.   After you access the pull down menu, tap the boxes in the upper right.   This show all quick set options.  You can edit by dragging up to quick setting menu)


"forget" the router on your phone, reboot the modem and router, reconnect your phone to the router.


other suggestions:

update firmware on the router.

Replace an old router with a faster, dual channel router.

Uncheck "avoid poor wifi connections"  (if your phone has the option).

change the settings on your router so phone can connect.  Adding guest network, shorter password or different channel has helped some phones connect.



(The following is included after all posts to save typing) We are customers too, NOT employees. Our answers are based on experience and reading content available on the website. Our answers are honest, but not always appreciated. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.
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Re: Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE

I upgraded to the new version MON evening. I have not seen much difference yet. I have only been to the mailbox once but I left the garage door open and never lost WiFi. My daughter has removed her passwords for email, Twitter, Facebook, etc so they will not have the option of connecting. She is only using her laptop we can determine the problem and fix.


Thanks for your help.

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Re: Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE



I bought a new router in NOV. My other router was only 14 months old. The new one is dual band (with up-to-date firmware) and I have both 2.4 and 5 GHz set up on cell. Additionally, I have Guest network enabled as well. Both settings experience the same problems. Between my two routers, my neighbor's, my mother's, my daughter's router in dorm and at least a dozen router and WiFi hotspots on campus, library, coffee shops, that were connecting prior to update, I doubt the update failed to include software for that many especially some of AT&T own hotspots.


I have tried multiple settings on my cell, but yet to get the magic fix. I tried finding the turning off mobile data on mine months ago. I read similar instructions to what you gave, but could never find the option. After reading your posts, I looked again at my daughter's cell and neither I nor she can find it.


I upgraded to 4.4.2 on my cell MON evening. I have not had any significant change yet, but hope to test more FRI when I have several appointments.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will post an update FRI evening if 4.4.2 is working on my cell.

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Re: Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE

If you have the Data option selected, when the S4 founds WIFI, it will auto connect to it. If it looses the connection it will connect to DATA automatically. My recommendation is to remove the Data option selection, so your data doesnt go away quickly.


I work at a company that uses smartphones, windows handheld devices, tablets, etc and had the same issue with routers. The trick it worked for me to enable WIFI for all devices without any issues, is to have it under 2.4 Ghz with PSK security. The 5 Ghz or PSK2 security resulted for devices to freeze or connect and disconnect between seconds while eating battery.


If you dont want the mail and facebook applications to connect, my recommendation is unselect the "Sync" option. This will avoid such apps to connect automatically and use data or WIFI. I set up my personal Hotmail, work and Gmail to manual selection. Meaning i would select manually when to check for new e-mails, instead of automatically checking each 20 minutes, saving data and battery

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Re: Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE

It appears 4.4.2 works better for my initial problem. HOWEVER, I can no longer connect my cell phone to ANY computer. I just did a quick search on internet and I am not the only one learning AFTER the fact that this limits access to SD card. This is getting to be a bit aggrevating.

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Re: Samsung S4 will drop WiFi and connect to LTE

May want to remove from your computer the Samsung driver.

Connect your smartphone again to download it and install it directly. See if that helps.


Another option, is download a free android program from www.iobit.com that enables the connection from your smartphone to the computer without the Samsung driver.


Or buy the memory card reader to connect the SD directly to your computer

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