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Samsung Pc Suite

Samsung Pc Suite

Hi everyone.  I would like to know if the Samsung Pc Suite can be used on the Samsung Captivate?  I would like an application that will sync contacts, etc.  How do convert tv shows to fit on your Samsung Captivate?  Any assistance will be appreciated.  mary

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Re: Samsung Pc Suite

I cannot answer your question, but I can comment on my experience with Samsung Kies.  At first, I thought it was going to work well for synchronizing my contacts and calendar, but on my second or third sync something happened that I ended up with double contacts in my phone for almost everyone.  Annoying.  So I moved to MyPhoneExplorer, which is free (though the author does ask for donations).  I've used it for 3 months with my Galaxy S2 with nearly zero problems.  It easyily syncs with Outlook for Contacts and Calendar and has other features like SMS archiving.  Well worth a look.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Samsung Pc Suite

That software is designed for feature phones, not smartphones. Captivate is designed to sync with Samsung Kies but it is not officially available in US. Only Kies Mini which can only be used to upgrade firmware. You can download full version of Kies from other regions and it will work with Captivate for sync.


Kies is very buggy. The worst piece of software I have even used.


So, for sync contacts, you need to sync it to the clounds (Gmail or Hotmail) so that you don't need to rely on PC software for sync. There are many ways to let you sync PC contacts to those clound services. Then, it is quite easy to sync them to any of your smartphones.

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