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Samsung Kies Tips - Firmware Updates


Samsung Kies Tips - Firmware Updates

First Time Installation

If you are installing Samsung Kies for the first time save yourself some trouble by installing the hotfix KB2461678, otherwise it might seem as if Kies is possibly frozen - as it takes some time to do any .NET update.

Microsoft Hotfix KB2461678


(This hotfix requires Microsoft .NET v4.0 Framework)

Windows 7 Users

Set these programs to Windows XP Compatibility Mode

\Program Files\SAMSUNG\Kies\


  • Kies.exe
  • KiesAgent.exe

\Program Files\SAMSUNG\Kies\External\FirmwareUpdate\


  • AdminDelegator.exe
  • AgentInstaller.exe
  • AgentUpdate.exe
  • KiesPDLR.exe


This should resolve any issues with Kies not responding/idling when trying to perform a firmware update.

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Re: Samsung Kies Tips - Firmware Updates

Does not matter I have an S3. The phone that At&t is refusing to update.
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Re: Samsung Kies Tips - Firmware Updates

Thank you, this is helpful! I was setting everything to run as administrator while trying to update phones, as that was the only workaround I had found. Now, someone just needs to do something about Kies being a terrible piece of software. Smiley Happy

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Re: Samsung Kies Tips - Firmware Updates

i cant update my phone all the way, the kies update begins and finishs quite fast but then my phone has no update. once the percent is 100 it shuts down kies and nothing happens, how do i fix that? SGH-I727 should be able to recieve the jelly bean update according to atnt and samsung

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Re: Samsung Kies Tips - Firmware Updates

@xustta: The post does indeed matter. Just because it doesn't specifically pertain to you at this precise moment doesn't mean that it won't help someone else. You're not the only one that uses Kies.


@greenfuman: Are you running Win7 64bit? There are numerous issues that may arise when running Kies on 64bit W7, so if this you, you may want to try running it in compatibility mode. XP SP3 is usually a good choice when you run into compatibility issues. Also, make sure that you're running Kies as an Admin.

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