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Samsung Impression (Touch Screen Won't Respond)


Samsung Impression (Touch Screen Won't Respond)

I've had my Samsung Impression for about a year and am debating using my mom's old phone or fixing my Impression. I've never had any water damage (the water sensor is still white) and the only problems I've had is occasionally the phone shuts off randomly, but that's not a big deal.

Two days ago I was on the main screen and the touch screen wasn't working. I blamed it on the low battery and turned it off and recharged it.  I turned my phone on the the screen has trouble working in the up right position and lights up and works better in the keyboard form.  The touch screen wouldn't let me enter okay on the screen or type in the digits. Now all I can do is access my calendar (from the back button) and recent calls (from the call button). My contacts and text messages are inaccessible.

The point being I've been reading solutions which range from

a) Take it to ATT

b) Buy a new phone

c) Replace the flex wire/ digitizer / LCD screen

d) Move the touch sensor behind the LCD screen up

e) Clean out dirt and dust

I have no idea which to start with and many of the responses I read regarded changing the wrong part and thereby breaking the phone. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated!

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Re: Samsung Impression (Touch Screen Won't Respond)

If it's under warranty, let them fix it.  If not, and you want to deal with it yourself, first thing is to find some way to make sure you have all the information you want off the phone via sync or other software you can google for like TkFileExplorer, etc.  Replacing the flex wire is fairly cheap (20 bucks) but skillful (I have giant paws and it was heck lol) but there are videos on youtube to guide you through the process.  I did that on mine and got about four or five more months out of it before it broke for good.  Even if the flex wire isn't your problem, you won't break anything else assuming you are careful so it may be worth a shot.  I didn't change the digitizer because I wanted an Android phone after the second breakage anyway.

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Re: Samsung Impression (Touch Screen Won't Respond)

i have the exact same problem, except mine is now at the point where the screen doesn't work at all and i can't adjust the volume on my calls so i can hardly hear the person i'm talking to. this is my second impression and my contract is up in a month.
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Re: Samsung Impression (Touch Screen Won't Respond)

If you'd like, purchase a cheap GoPhone to use until the end of the month until you get the chance to upgrade or switch to a different carrier if those were your intentions.

I'd consider you lucky - most people who have these sorts of problems are just beginning or are in the middle of their contract with warranty not available and have no upgrade eligibility.

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