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Samsung Galxy S III: Settings/Application Manager Crashes


Samsung Galxy S III: Settings/Application Manager Crashes



Whenever I go in to the "application manager" section of settings, it immedialy freezes, the screen goes blank and then I get a popup that says "Unfortunately Settings has Stopped".


This all began after did a firmware Softwre update, followed by a factory reset, followed by installing applications.


Everything else in "settings" works fine.



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Charge light and mobile data no longer work

my galaxy s3 was working fine until the so called recent update. Since then, my orange/green charge light indicators no longer works. The mobile data has been removed from the drop down screen. Why did AT&T subscribe to this act. They messed up a good phone that worked well. None of the lights works and I have to disable the mobile date through the setting. Typical of AT&T. Can't do anything right. 

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