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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 ICS Update?


Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 ICS Update?

Well lo and behold. Let's see what this is. It seems like AT&T is doing it again. I have the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket which got the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 update after about 9 months of it being released.


Now I also have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 with the 4G LTE. I use this all the time for work, play, etc. Honeycomb 3.2 totally sucks as an interface. When is AT&T going to come out with Ice Cream Sandwich for this tablet? The WIFI version has it already and has for about a month or more now.


Come on AT&T and get with the program. I paid good money for this tablet and I pay the monthly data plan. The least you can do is provide an update, or heck, even HINT about when the update will be. But you can't even do that.

Some information would be nice to get from you. I have been with your company for 5 good years after leaving and coming back. Next time I leave it will be for good. There isn't any reason why this release should not have been out by now. You have had plenty of time.

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Re: Are you on pc or mac. I'm at a dead end on mac, never had an issue before.

I have been tweeting with samsung, they don't know why it didn't work. They suggested I get of a mac and use a PC. I only have mac so that won't work. They alsoo suggested going to the device center at att to have the sofware updated. I wnet by and they were nice, but they don't have any way to do firmware updates on tablets, just phones. So no luck...

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 ICS Update?

The update is so helpful. Just wish it had come sooner. It is a huge improvement for this device.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 ICS Update?

Still no resolve from samsung or att. The update did not work on a Mac. Device support can't flash tablets, just phones, nice folks though. Samsung support was cool but didn't get a resolve.
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