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Samsung Galaxy S4 battery is HOT!


Samsung Galaxy S4 battery is HOT!

I just received my new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone today.  The battery was fully charged while the phone was off.  I then turned it on after activation. (Upgrading from the S3) and prceeded to put my apps back on.  They all needed updating from the Google play before I even synced my old phone with my new one.  Well, I noticed the battery is HOT by the camera lens.  Is there a fix for this or, will I need to get a new battery from AT&T?  Any suggestions?  Is this going to be a problem?  Please advise!  Thanks, Jessica

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 battery is HOT!

This is a bug that the S4 has, you may want to Google it for more information.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 battery is HOT!

You can have a try to buy a new battery, I think.

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