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Samsung Galaxy S3 update issue


Samsung Galaxy S3 update issue

This morning my phone took a good 45 minutes to update and when I started looking around afterwards I noticed that I no longer have the button (in the pull screen with notifications) to turn my mobile data on or off. With only 300 MB data plan I keep my data turned off unless I actually need it and now I no longer seem to be able to turn the data on and off the same way I control the Wi-fi and Bluetooth options. Why was this taken away and how can I get it back?

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 update issue

I had the same problem and from what I have read that was intentional. There is a app called "Data Toggle Switch" made by appsynapse that works great. It doesn't put the icon in the same line of selections but right below that. It will still be just as accessible when you pull down the status bar and cuts ALL data just as the original did.

If I remember correctly it was free.

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 update issue

You can still turn it on and off. Unfortunately now there's just a lot more steps to do it... Go to: Settings>More Settings>Mobile Networks>Mobile Data.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 update issue

Download the Data Enabler Widget. You can add the widget, once installed, from your home screen. It is a simple Data Toggle Switch.
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